Donna Giancola

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Dr. Donna M. Giancola is an associate professor of Philosophy and director of Religious Studies at Suffolk University in Boston.

In addition to In the Name of the Goddess, she has co-authored, a philosophy textbook, World Ethics, (Wadsworth) and an eco-feminist novel, Her Underground, (Solstice Publishers).

She has written numerous articles on comparative religion and philosophy, feminism and eco-feminism, and has lectured extensively in national and international forums from Boston and Hawaii to Oxford, England and India, and most recently, Bangkok, Thailand.

Currently, she divides her time between teaching Philosophy in Boston and conjuring and writing in St. Augustine Beach FL. In spite of her sunny disposition and attempts at being inspirational, she has been known to have an irreverent word or two to say.

Lately, she has gotten her days and nights confused, insists that there is no path to hell, and that the Earth is already in Heaven.

Her old English Sheepdog, Magick, is strangely happy.

Other projects she is crafting include in a Goddess Ritual book, and a new novel. and Suffolk University webpage