Donna Giancola

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Re-envisioning the mythical conceptions of the ancient goddess as the source of life, cosmic order and justice, In the Name of the Goddess: A Biophilic Ethic, is a reminder that Nature holds the power of life, death and sustainable growth. It is time to return to the Earth.

In the Name of the Goddess: A Biophilic Ethic goes beyond traditional ethical theories and heartens a dynamic holistic ethic of interconnections, ecological sustainability and eco-justice. Based on biophilia as the love of life

In the Name of the Goddess constructs a radical eco-feminist ethic that seeks to end abusive practices and planetary oppression, and promote a life-centered philosophy. Revisioning ancient Goddess myths, this work reflects a living ethos as embodied justice and personal activism.

It seeks to establish social harmony and ecological balance through moral, political and spiritual principles and practices that provide a comprehensive foundation for integrating wisdom and action in our daily life, communities and international policies.

This book argues that our interconnection to the earth resonates with, and demands a renewed and heightened sense of personal responsibility and political governance. Designed to help frame a conscious evolution toward personal and planetary healing, In the Name of the Goddess is a reminder that justice is very much alive and that Nature will have the last word.

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