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Her Underground (co-authored with Undine Celeste), Farmington, Missouri: Solstice Publishers, 2012. “Dr. Mary Daly, a leading feminist author, philosopher and women’s rights advocate gave Her Underground high praise and support saying: “I have been stunned: I am very excited about it, it is real! Her Underground is there,…it’s HERE.”

World Ethics (co-edited with Dr. Wanda Torres Gregory, Simmons College), Belmont, California: Wadsworth, 2002.

 “Women, Land and Eco-Justice.” In Palgrave Handbook in Philosophy and Public Policy, ed.             David Boonin, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Fall 2018.

“Buddhist Doctrines of Impermanence and Identity in the Western Mind.” The International Association of Buddhist Universities: Unifying Buddhist Philosophical Perspectives, Thailand: Mahachulongkornrajavidyalaya University Press, Spring 2012: 215-223.

“Excerpt from Her Underground.” Sinister Wisdom: Lesbian Theories/Lesbian Controversies, #75, 2009: 86-90.

“Maya-Shakti-Devi: The Mother of Eco-Justice.” In Vachaspativaibhavamu, ed. Prof. Shashiprabhakumar, Chapter 5, D.K. New Delhi, India: Printworld, Fall 2009.

Maya and Dike; the Principles of Eco-Justice.” In From Ancient Greek to Asian Philosophy, ed. Elizabeth Hope and Ronald Weed, ATINER, April 2007.

Favorite Books: Antigone (Sophocles), Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand), Pure Lust (Mary Daly), The Sex Which Is Not One (Luce Irigaray), And for fun: Jitterbug Perfume (Tom Robbins)

Priestess Degree:
Priestess (Wiccan Religious Arts and Science Program, Our Land of Enchantment 2005)